Alien news: ‘Bizarre flying object’ filmed LIVE on Argentine TV

Bizarre object on TV

A UFO was spotted during a live broadcast on Argentine TV, sparking theories of alien life. 

Footage has emerged from a South American news channel where a UFO made a surprise appearance – and immediately brought about alien theories. 

In the clip, newsreaders on News C5n in Buenos Aires, Argentina, are looking at a live feed of the city. 

It is a beautiful day, meaning that any strange objects in the sky are easy to see. 

And that proves to be the case as the female presenter spots a metallic blip in the sky. 

Following it with her co-host, the pair are stunned while the object climbs higher. 

This footage was shared to YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0. 

And viewers were amazed at the UFO sighting, leading many to suggest it was of extraterrestrial origin. 

INTERRUPTION: Newsreaders on Argentine TV were left stunned by a bizarre object on their feed (Pic: The Hidden Underbelly 2.0)

“Super awesome,” one noted. 

Another commented: “It looked like one of those probes that fly by me sometimes.”

While a third was very confident in what they said. 

“Yep – it’s a UFO,” they said.

Argentine TV

ON-AIR: The UFO was spotted during morning news on an Argentine TV channel (Pic: The Hidden Underbelly 2.0)

This is not the first time alien theories have come up recently, though. 

Ryanair passengers spotted a mysterious UFO emerging above the English channel

And conspiracy theorists claim a massive ship as big as the Earth was filmed entering the Sun’s atmosphere. 

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