Ghost news: Landlady of ‘haunted’ pub TERRIFIED after re-watching CCTV

Ghost news: Landlady of 'haunted' pub TERRIFIED after re-watching CCTV

The Black Bull owner Kelley Hedley is certain her house is “haunted”, claiming glasses fly off the tables and darts throw themselves at the board.

She even claims she can hear furniture moving when “nobody else is in”.

So Kelley invited ghost hunters Ghostwatchers UK to investigate and they admitted to hearing “some scraping” and a “bang”.

But it wasn’t until she reviewed some CCTV footage that the 29-year-old said she finally had proof.

The video shows a group of four walking towards the bar to get a drink.

Suddenly, a stall beside them appears to move completely unassisted.

None of those in the clip seem to notice the strange moment.

Kelley later explained how a customer had told her something creepy about the pub’s past, based in the village of East Boldon, Tyne and Wear.


MYSTERY: CCTV footage appeared to show a stall moving by itself

“When I first arrived here, I felt absolutely fine,” she said.

“Then someone randomly asked me ‘has anything happened yet’.

“I asked what they meant and they said ‘this is one of the most haunted pubs in the North East.”

“Since then, loads has been going on – even my cats are on edge.”


CREEPY: A man’s name was also found to be etched on the loft door

Ghostwatchers UK also discovered the name Chris Milburn etched on the loft hatch of the pub, with the words “aged 15, July 9 1968”.

They now want to track him down.

It comes after chilling footage surfaced claiming to show a ghost child playing on a swing.

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