‘I’ll end up having my leg broken’ – Wilfried Zaha criticises referees | Football | Sport

'I'll end up having my leg broken' - Wilfried Zaha criticises referees | Football | Sport

The Crystal Palace forward was fouled more often than any other player in the Premier League last season – 2.6 times per game.

And the Ivorian is not happy with the treatment he is receiving from opposition defences this campaign.

Zaha has moved into a more central position as opposed to his original role as a winger, but still runs the channels often, where most of the fouls take place.

Despite scoring the winner against Huddersfield on Saturday afternoon, the 25-year-old was in no mood for celebrating.

“I don’t even know what to say anymore,” Zaha told BBC Sport after the game, with regards to the challenges he received.

“I feel like before anyone has to get a red card I’d have to get my leg broken or something, which is why I lose my head.”

Zaha has grown frustrated with what he perceives as unjust treatment towards him, citing a caution which Etienne Capoue received after raking his studs down Zaha’s calf a few weeks ago.

“Like against Watford, the guy stood on the back of my calf. And it’s still a yellow card,” Zaha added.

“And it’s like, why am I getting different treatment over players? I just don’t understand it. And it’s every week. Every referee.

“I don’t know [what can be done to help]. I try to speak to referees but my I should tell my captain to get around him before the game, or something, because there’s nothing I can do anymore.”

Zaha received a yellow card for an aggressive tackle at John Smith’s Stadium, as frustration began to get the better of him.

Manager Roy Hodgson and his coaching staff urged the forward to keep his cool, however.

“It’s hard [to deal with],” Zaha explained.

“Because you don’t want to go on a run because you feel like someone will come through the back of you and you’ll get injured.

“It doesn’t allow you to express yourself the way you normally would… But I’ve just got to let my feet do the talking.”

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