Pokemon Go Community Day news: Shiny Beldum and Metagross special move | Gaming | Entertainment

Pokemon Go Community Day news: Shiny Beldum and Metagross special move | Gaming | Entertainment

Trainers are pretty happy about today’s Pokemon Go Community Day announcement.

It has been confirmed that Shiny Beldums will be available to catch in October, something that has got players talking.

Beldum is seen as a good pick as its final evolution, Metagross can be useful in boss Raid Battles.

The new Community Day is being held on Sunday, October 21 and will include a range of rewards.

As usual, the event will run for three hours and will include a special move to unlock.

That move has not been revealed by Niantic, and will probably not be confirmed until closer to the event.

Something that will be different about October’s Community Day is that Trainers will have some extra time to unlock the special move.

Metang will be available to evolve into Metagross for up to an hour after the event finishes, a nice little bonus for Trainers.

And while we don’t know officially what the new special move will be, it looks like Trainers may have discovered some clues.

According to data miners, the move Meteor Mash was recently added to the game, along with assets.

This appears to be a good fit for Metagross and would mean giving one of the best Steel-types a beefy Steel move.

The special rewards for October’s Community Day have also been revealed, with Trainers getting ¼ egg hatch distances during the three-hour event.

Earlier this year, The Silph Road published a piece predicting the Community Day Pokemon for the year.

The post correctly claimed that Chikorita would headline the September event, followed by Slakoth in October and Cyndaquil in November.

The year would end with an appearance by Trapinch, while January would see Totodile take centre stage.

The post also mentions Ralts, so it’s possible we’ll see the Psychic/Fairy type make an appearance soon.

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